About Tilly Maydme

Let me introduce meself, my name is Tilly Maydme. No sniggering, that's me real name honest it is. Me ma met a French bloke once and said on account of 'im being me real father I ought to have 'is name- she said that's all he ever gave me. She then started swearing like a navvy, muttered something about cheese and that was she ever said about me real father. So, Maydme is me name and it works rather well for this here stage malarkey. Mum was ever so proud of me, said I had really gone up in the world, 'you've gone beyond the world of stage door whore me gel, you show 'em what made ya , Maydme!'. She had a way with words, me mam did.

Now don't you be getting me wrong, I am a good girl, I am. Me only flaw is that I am a hopeless romantic. Seems a girl can't find a decent lad in London, lest he wants yer for just one fing. Now, I met Arthur and thought, 'what a nob!'-  never met a man with as many entendres as 'im! He says it's in account of 'is upbringing whatever that means. Well, I was down on me luck wiv me singing and it seemed every girl around thought she could become a music hall star. Then one day after hanging around a backstreet theatre I met Arthur. Seems he thought he would get in on the game too. He wrote poetry. Blooming fancy nob, eh? Anyways- he had no idea what them theatre bosses were looking for so I took 'I'm under me wing and lo and behold a double act was born. I trys to teach 'im to sing and dance and I can tell ya he ain't a natural!

I hope to be a big star one day like our Marie, I likes her fancy clothes and hats- what lady don't ? I also likes a bit of gin- well you gotta live the high life when you's a star in't ya!  

I like to show Athur that I'm not just a cockney songbird and occasionally I write that there the poetry too... He don't like it... He finks I'm getting beyond me station in life.

So to all my stage door Charlies and good time gals, love ya and leave ya,

Yours, Tilly Maydme


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