About Arthur Foot III

Oh, hello

I am Arthur Foot the Third, and I was born within the sound of Bow Bells in that there London, some years past. Fortunately I was hurried away from the stinking capital to the grounds of my family's estate, where I grew up rich, educated and fully aware of my superiority to the standard plebeians that populate this fair isle.

How wonderful to be raised in comfort far from the oppressive atmosphere of the great smoky metropolis. My upbringing is writ upon me as surely as if it were put there in ink. 
People see me, and they know. 'Kent', they think to themselves. 'He is from that exquisite county.' 

Then how is it that I found myself working the London music-halls with my Partner-in-Rhyme, the lovely Tilly Maydme? Let me tell you, in poem form!

When Arthur Met Tilly.

Now this is the story all about how
I ended up an performer in old London town
This won’t take long, just sit right there
And learn how I became one of the famous Cogkney pair
In the best parts of Kent, not born but raised
In a mansion was where I spent most of my days
Riding my horses, playing the fool
Educated in the finest of schools
Then my father died, and that was no good
I ended up becoming the young Lord Luvva-Duk
And although I knew I’d be terribly bored
Mater said ‘get yourself off to the House of Lords’
I went to the city and took a small flat near to
The streets that held all the wonderful theatres
The smell of the greasepaint was wondrous and rare
And I knew right then that I belonged there
I went out with an actress (actually seven or eight)
And I knew for certain that I had to defy Mater
I took took to the stage with my poetry silly
And there I met a cockney sparrow named Tilly
(And the rest, they say, is history.)

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