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Music Hall Merriment & Steampunk Delights!


Cogkneys music now available digitally or physically from:


The Cogkneys are a music hall inspired duo presenting music hall merriment and steampunk delights, we perform old songs, original ribald poetry and modern re-imaginings.

Available for bookings, please ask for details!
We perform a variety of old music hall songs, new songs, modern twists and original poetry- we offer:

Straight late Victorian/ Edwardian music hall show with subtle cheekiness 
Burlesque naughtiness, songs and comedy based on the music hall
Steampunk ethos and comedy music hall
A theme of your choosing (we recently performed music hall with a medieval twist!)

We try to work with our clients to produce a show that is right for their audience and their theme or wants. Each show is individual and written especially for the venue/ client. To a degree you may even have a say in the songs we perform (inculding modern songs re-written).

The Cogkneys are happy to work with you to get the perfect performance for your needs!

Go to our Contact Us page to book us, or if you have any questions.

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